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Welcome to the Cosmetics Club Blog. At Cosmetics Club we love fashion, beauty and glamour. This blog has been created to bring you the latest news and information about cosmetics, skin care and perfume products from the world’s leading designers and manufacturers as well as tips on how to get the most out of them.

glam1.jpg We’ll be highlighting great deals on products from leading merchants from Australia, the USA and the UK. The blog also features reviews of leading products from our special guest blogger and makeup guru the very wonderful Ms Ponikuta. Feel free to add your own comments to the reviews and to participate in our online community. To kick things off, this month we’re zooming in on Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake which produces more than just cutting edge clothing these days – it has branched out into cosmetics and fragrances.

The line uses the traditional Japanese method of combining elements to produce harmony and balance and give consumers both beauty and wellness.

In 1994, Issey Miyake’s first fragrance—L’Eau d’Issey— was launched. It combined aquatic and floral scents set against the fresh backdrop of water. It wasn’t long before other L’Eau d’Issey products followed suit—men’s cologne, deodorant stick and after-shave balm. A line of bath essential also sprang from this innovation.

The Issey Miyake moisturizing body lotion is meant to soften skin while infusing a floral aroma (a combination of freesia, lotus, and tuberose). The brand’s moisturizing body cream has the same floral scent but with has a more buttery texture, while the shower cream keeps up the floral fragrance tradition while cleansing the skin.

Nobody could accuse Issey Miyake of being set in his ways. The Japanese designer was born in Hiroshima in 1938 and opened the Miyake Design Studio in Tokyo in 1970. Miyake used the creative freedom the studio provided to conduct various kinds of research and developed a range of natural and innovative designs and materials, which surprised and delighted all who saw them.

Miyake’s elaborate style and flair for the dramatic led him to create costumes for the stage, notably for the world famous Ballett Frankfur, where his costumes featured his uniquely developed pleating method. But Issey Miyake’s artistic vision could not merely be contained in fashion. In 1992 he launched a range of perfumes. The creator named his first perfume L’eau d’Issey, which means Issey’s water in English. This lightly floral perfume was an instant hit and an inspiration to other perfumeries.

The range of men’s fragrances was launched two years later with the scent L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme. Last year Issey Miyake introduced the fragrance L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense in the United States and it wasn’t long before the scent had received international acclaim. Issey Miyake’s creations have a large celebrity following and he regularly creates garments and fragrances for icons such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Narciso Rodriguez. Now 70 years old, Issey Miyake is officially retired, but his unique sense of style and flair for the extravert can still be seen in the company’s diverse product range. In 2007 The Miyake Issey Foundation, opened the 21_21 Design Sight center in Tokyo to allow creative research and development to be utilized by others and continue to transform the way we see the world of fashion and beauty.