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Biotherm has always been well-known for their “hydrating” products. Their brand image is focused on thermal plankton filled moisturizers that work like a treat.

Today, I have a very humble product to introduce you to. It is best for ladies who worry about the 1st sign of aging and is also great for those in their 20s looking for anti-aging preventive measure.

This cream in a green jar consist pure olive leaf and pure extract from Biotherm’s popular thermal planktons. These ingredients assist to effectively protect the skin while moisturizing it at the same time. Over time, this soothing care cream helps to increase resistance against oxidation that our skin is easily exposed to by the sun. In addition, it helps to improve skin quality to become soft, even toned, radiant and well moisturized.

It is also claimed to “tone the skin and visibly eliminate fine lines within 8 days”. While, I am still young and have yet to grow a few wrinkles to vouch for their claim but hey, I say why not give it a try? After all, you only have to try it out for more than a little of a week to see how it fares.

As for me, I am a firm believer in anti-aging preventive measures. I started venturing into anti-aging skincare regime once I hit my 20s. Personally, I find this moisturizer a little strong smelling for my liking otherwise I am using this faithfully every night as my night moisturizer and so far my skin is indeed softer, feels more even toned and definitely well moisturized as it claims to be.

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This is not just a slimming product for lazy people who don’t work out and expect mighty results; if you exercise, this is suitable for you too because it helps to enhance your toned body and to help renew your skin. Biotherm’s Celluli-Choc Slimming Body Expert is incredible when it comes to help remove the annoying cellulite around problem areas. This special potion contains sublime-express complex to help soften the skin around the problem area mainly around the hips area and the thighs.

I love the smell of this lotion and the texture is very absorbent. It helps to promote a slimming and attractive body contour remarkably. While we all know it is impossible to remove cellulites 100% but this product helps to reduce the appearances of cellulites and help keep the skin firm to prevent further cellulites develop.

This lotion works fairly easy. All you need to do is rub a generous amount of lotion around clean skin. Keep rubbing in circular motion until thoroughly absorb. In just one week, my thigh and hip area was noticeably firmer. In two weeks, I can feel my entire hip area firmer and cellulite visibly reduces. I am very happy with the results and will continue using this product. Ponikuta.
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