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Women and girls regardless of age – we all need a little volume in our hair for that little extra oomph. I don’t believe in flat, dead hair that limps around the face. It is just plain unacceptable. Volume in the hair not only assists the hair to frame the face better, the hair is more textured and generally looks better too.

This is where Bumble and bumble’s thickening spray comes into the picture. This has no doubt been my hair routine staple product. Simply because it gives my hair body and it doubles as a setting spray as well.

Be it straight locks you’re after for some lift and control, curl locks for some structure and definition, tame frizzes and fly aways; this product makes it all happen. While this thickening spray provides body; I personally love how it doesn’t set the hair ceramic-like fake finish. In other words, say goodbye to over-stiff and lifeless hair.

Also, the liquid is transparent, clear and not thick at all. It actually resembles water. This makes you feel that you are actually not putting any “product” into your hair which is something I am very particular about. I absolutely abhor finishing/hair products that feel like weighing down my already limp hair.

This hair product definitely lived up to its claim. Volume, body and thicker hair is just a pump spray away. Click here for more Bumble and Bumble products.