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I am very grateful for this product because it is the time of the year where changing seasons, the wind, the humid and the harsh environmental condition somehow find its way to make my lips dryer than usual; hence the peeling and annoying flaky skin that sits permanently on top of my lips and no matter how I scrub and moisturize my lips they just seem to reappear the next day.
Clinique’s lip glosses are almost always foolproof and so versatile. Their latest Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is the star gloss at the moment you should peel your eyes on. Only because this is a lip balm with a twist, not only does it moisturizers my chapped and dry flaky lips instantly, it helped to sooth my otherwise painful tight lips. In other words, it is a balm/gloss hybrid.
Great for immediate relieve for drying lips and Superbalm gloss also helps to protect the vulnerable lips with antioxidants. They also comes in a gorgeous range of colour, they are all so pinkish, girly and very wearable. On top of that, this gloss provides the right amount of shine, never overtly done.
The texture of this gloss is thicker than usual and all I needed was a full layer and I only had to reapply very sparingly (almost half a day) which is fantastic because you do not want to reapply lip gloss every two seconds, that would be utterly annoying.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

First of all, you are not seeing things. This is indeed a male product and (hello!) there are men out there that appreciate a good cleanser more so than we take acknowledge of. My man uses Clinique’s Liquid Face Wash.
This no frills face wash is gentle yet thoroughly cleanses the face and neck area. The reason why I am reviewing this product because (hold yourselves) I use this product too. You see, I can be pretty lazy at times and when I forget (or intentionally forgetting) to pack my cleanser for sleep-over; I’ll just grab whatever that appeals to me.
To my surprise, Clinique did outdo themselves with this fantastic product. It is a very effective cleanser that leaves me skin clean, feeling slightly minty, fresh and never tight or dry. On top of that, I have a sensitive and combination skin mind you and never once did my skin overreact to this product nor did it felt too harsh on my skin like so many other male cleanser do.
Needless to say, I am forcing the man to use this product continuously so I can pack less and know that my skin is at safe hands. This liquid cleanser does not feel heavy or thick in fact it dissolves pretty quick into water and gives this nice bubbly gentle lather and is absolutely a bliss to massage onto the face.
I am yet to score a female cleanser that has such a nice textured cleansing lather. Double thumbs up for practicality. Now that’s what I call a smart product.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men

Anyone who knows what they are talking about would tell you there is no cure for enlarged pores on your face. Enlarged pores are very much like scars. They will never heal to perfection however there are pots and potions out there to help minimize the appearance or to hide the imperfections.
As for enlarged pores, we have Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector to thank for. As its name implies, this pore minimizer is work fairly easy. It helps to improve the skin form as it refines the look of pores with its long lasting matte finish lotion.
We all know that pores are the most easily spotted around our nose area and this super product helps to de-shine the complexion. A must-have for T-zone troubled people!!
Great to put on as a daily routine before you step out of home or even a night out. This lotion is so versatile mainly because you can put it on for long hours without worrying it might clog your pores. To top it off, this super product helps to enhance skin’s resistance to sweat and humidity. This is one of the few products I swear by all year long especially during summer.
Now with this super product we don’t have to worry about those awkward moments when people stare onto our nose during conversations. In a way, this is a confidence booster too.

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector

With the advance of technology, you’ll be surprise with the amount of rich moisturizer that comes in the form of gel, lightweight, oil-free, non greasy and a great finish. Yes, we live in the world of possibilities of all sorts.
This wonderful jar of gel goodness helps to speedily boost skin’s moisture level and restore the moisture balance. I use it under and over my makeup whenever my skin feels tight and dry. This helps to plumps up my skin’s resistance to fine dry lines. Hands down, this is my current favourite moisturizer. I’ll tell you why in an instance.
The texture of this gel is so light and easy to smooth it instantly melts into my skin evenly without any greasy residue or oily T-zone 10 minutes after application. Very refreshing, has a very gentle clean fresh smell to it and gives my skin an overall radiantly glowing face.
Since the changing of weather, I have been weary with what products I should use on my face to prevent unnecessary break outs, rashes or overtly drying skin. Unfortunately for me, I have been spotted with some nasty peeling skin around my mouth and around my brow areas.
All I needed to do was to do a gentle scrub and slather on a thick layer of Moisture Surge Extended. Overnight, I was spotted with perfect skin, plumped, smoothed and radiant. I could not believe my eye. All it took was just one night to transform from crappy skin to perfect skin. Don’t believe me? Try the product and let it speak for itself!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

If you are looking for a mascara that can naturally enhance your lashes look no further. Clinique’s High Impact mascara does just that.
Clinique has always been great in coming out with wonderful basic makeup solutions and all allergies, dermatologist tested too. We will need to be extra cautious with these beauty standards because after all we are applying makeup near our eyes area.
This mascara delivers with what it promises. It adds volume and length to lashes while providing rich, intense color for longer lasting wear. The thick brush helps to comb out the lashes for a fuller and even look and separates the lashes in a swift stroke.
As a result, this mascara promises plusher, bolder and sharper look for the eyes. The high impact mascara is almost impossible to mess up putting on with. All you need is a layer or two to really bring out and emphasize the natural eye lashes. It has superb staying power without risking rubbing off or causing panda eyes.
What amazes me is that it comes off just as quick as you apply. Genius formula for all it takes is just some warm water and gentle rubs and all the mascara and residue will say good bye to your eyes.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

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