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One in every three persons* have at one point in their life colored their hair. Especially among teenagers and young adults nowadays, highlighting and coloring hair seems to be a necessity rather than a luxury thing to do. And that is what’s been keeping all those burgeoning salons up and running.

This is where Professional Vitamino Color Gel Masque from L’oreal comes into the picture. Everyone knows that shampoo and conditioner will never be enough for color treated hair – that is why there are hair masks out there that actually make a difference for our precious locks.

I, of all beauty junkies, love simple, clever and less time-consuming products. Honestly, by the end of the day, you don’t want to stand in the shower wait for your hair mask to sink in for 10 minutes.

This light hair mask is a breeze to use and instantly dissolves into freshly shampooed hair. It then works its magic and quickly delivers all the active ingredients that intensely nourish and repair color damaged hair. All that in just one minute!

The color gel mask is filled with those fancy ingredients that help seal the moisture in the hair, strengthen the hair fibre and protect the hair against sun damage. This Leaves hair infused with shine, and protects and prolongs the color in the hair.

On top of this, the mask doesn’t weigh your hair down making it limp and lacklustre. Totally worth trying it out and a truly time-saving beauty product. Bonus point for it smells so sweet and yummy. Compare prices on L’oreal’s Professional Vitamino Color Gel Masque at the cheap cosmetics site.

(*I totally made it up, but seriously.)