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Like shoes and lipstick, a girl can never stick to just one mask. In my beauty cabinet, I have whitening mask, age-defying mask, exfoliate mask, toning mask and of course purifying mask. My chosen purifying mask is none other than Clarin’s Aromatic Plant Purifying Mask.
Reasons why I choose this particular mask?
• It is gentle enough for my weekly combination skin treatment and it is relatively easy to apply and remove as it is a rich cream based.
• It does not dry out onto my skin, no cracking and no more I-can’t-talk-or-face-movement-because-I-have-mask-on awkward moments.
• It purifies, calms, balances, tones, moisturizes my skin just like it claimed.
• It is a 100% natural hypoallergenic-tested mask, double bonus for our precious skin.
• I sometime double it as an instant beauty booster treatment. Slabbed it onto my face and wipe it off with some tissue. It helps to revitalise tired skin and my skin appears to be softer and replenished.
• It is also packed full of the aromatic benefits of essential oils and the beauty treatment properties of plant extracts.
• The smell was rather unusual at first because of me not being used to “aromatic essential oil” smell but I actually grow into this product and love smelling it now.
Need I say more how wonderful this product is?

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