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With the advance of technology, you’ll be surprise with the amount of rich moisturizer that comes in the form of gel, lightweight, oil-free, non greasy and a great finish. Yes, we live in the world of possibilities of all sorts.
This wonderful jar of gel goodness helps to speedily boost skin’s moisture level and restore the moisture balance. I use it under and over my makeup whenever my skin feels tight and dry. This helps to plumps up my skin’s resistance to fine dry lines. Hands down, this is my current favourite moisturizer. I’ll tell you why in an instance.
The texture of this gel is so light and easy to smooth it instantly melts into my skin evenly without any greasy residue or oily T-zone 10 minutes after application. Very refreshing, has a very gentle clean fresh smell to it and gives my skin an overall radiantly glowing face.
Since the changing of weather, I have been weary with what products I should use on my face to prevent unnecessary break outs, rashes or overtly drying skin. Unfortunately for me, I have been spotted with some nasty peeling skin around my mouth and around my brow areas.
All I needed to do was to do a gentle scrub and slather on a thick layer of Moisture Surge Extended. Overnight, I was spotted with perfect skin, plumped, smoothed and radiant. I could not believe my eye. All it took was just one night to transform from crappy skin to perfect skin. Don’t believe me? Try the product and let it speak for itself!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

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