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First of all, you are not seeing things. This is indeed a male product and (hello!) there are men out there that appreciate a good cleanser more so than we take acknowledge of. My man uses Clinique’s Liquid Face Wash.
This no frills face wash is gentle yet thoroughly cleanses the face and neck area. The reason why I am reviewing this product because (hold yourselves) I use this product too. You see, I can be pretty lazy at times and when I forget (or intentionally forgetting) to pack my cleanser for sleep-over; I’ll just grab whatever that appeals to me.
To my surprise, Clinique did outdo themselves with this fantastic product. It is a very effective cleanser that leaves me skin clean, feeling slightly minty, fresh and never tight or dry. On top of that, I have a sensitive and combination skin mind you and never once did my skin overreact to this product nor did it felt too harsh on my skin like so many other male cleanser do.
Needless to say, I am forcing the man to use this product continuously so I can pack less and know that my skin is at safe hands. This liquid cleanser does not feel heavy or thick in fact it dissolves pretty quick into water and gives this nice bubbly gentle lather and is absolutely a bliss to massage onto the face.
I am yet to score a female cleanser that has such a nice textured cleansing lather. Double thumbs up for practicality. Now that’s what I call a smart product.

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