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I am very grateful for this product because it is the time of the year where changing seasons, the wind, the humid and the harsh environmental condition somehow find its way to make my lips dryer than usual; hence the peeling and annoying flaky skin that sits permanently on top of my lips and no matter how I scrub and moisturize my lips they just seem to reappear the next day.
Clinique’s lip glosses are almost always foolproof and so versatile. Their latest Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss is the star gloss at the moment you should peel your eyes on. Only because this is a lip balm with a twist, not only does it moisturizers my chapped and dry flaky lips instantly, it helped to sooth my otherwise painful tight lips. In other words, it is a balm/gloss hybrid.
Great for immediate relieve for drying lips and Superbalm gloss also helps to protect the vulnerable lips with antioxidants. They also comes in a gorgeous range of colour, they are all so pinkish, girly and very wearable. On top of that, this gloss provides the right amount of shine, never overtly done.
The texture of this gloss is thicker than usual and all I needed was a full layer and I only had to reapply very sparingly (almost half a day) which is fantastic because you do not want to reapply lip gloss every two seconds, that would be utterly annoying.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

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